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Successful Business Opportunities
Sunday Apr 26

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Successful Business Opportunities

Thursday, 23 April 2015 06:19
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Being an entrepreneur can be quite stressful! Sure, it’s fun and exciting to be firmly in control of your business and your success, but there’s a lot of responsibility that you’ve taken on your shoulders. Plus, you’ve got to be responsible for keeping yourself on task – there’s no more boss, other than yourself, telling you what to do.

You might see where we’re going here. If there’s one thing that robs an entrepreneur of the potential for success, it’s burnout. Every person, no matter how industrious and ambitious, reaches a point where they simply can’t do nor take anymore.


As an entrepreneur invested in your own success, you’ve got to do everything within your power to avoid reaching that point. Once you burn out, all bets are off! So, to help you avoid burnout, here are some helpful tips.

Think Long Term

You’re eating, drinking and sleeping your business day in and day out. For that reason, you may start to lose sight of the fact that there are long-term goals that you’re aspiring toward. Do what you need to do in order to remind yourself of where things are going. If you’re a person that likes to write, consider writing about your goals on a daily basis. If not, why not keep something on your desk that reminds you of what it’s all for.

Keep the Pressure Down

The most ambitious among us are the most likely to flame out early. That’s because they simply expect way too much from themselves. When setting goals, expectations and deadlines, be sure to keep things realistic. If you’re constantly trying to push yourself harder and harder, you’re going to reach a breaking point eventually. That might be great for a workout, but it’s not great for a business.

Don’t Go It Alone

Starting out, you may be spending a lot of days and nights by yourself trying to get your business going. That’s great for keeping overhead down, but it’s not great for your sanity. At the very least, try to involve someone else in the process, even if only as a sounding board. Better yet, though, try to surround yourself with likeminded people as soon as possible.


Have Fun

You know the famous typewritten line from The Shining, right? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…” If you’re not trying to have fun here and there, you’re going to drive yourself nuts! Even if your idea of having fun is watching videos of cats on the Internet, make sure your setting aside some time every day to enjoy that fun. Otherwise, life is going to seem awfully bad awfully quick.

Seriously, Take a Break

In the end, there’s only one thing you can do to truly avoid burnout. You’ve got to identify it when it’s happening. When you feel that your sanity is beginning to creep over the edge, it’s time to take a break. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve got on your plate or how many emails you have in your inbox – you’ve got to unplug! Know your limits, take a break when you’re getting close to them, and you’ll be alright.

Thursday, 23 April 2015 04:19
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Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s purchased his or her first franchise, or you have a hot new startup that’s looking for investors, you’re going to have to learn the art of the pitch. Pitching isn’t something that comes naturally to most people, and getting proficient at it is something that will only happen over time. However, there are a few things that you can do when starting out, which will dramatically improve the quality of your pitches, helping you to secure the investments or to make the sales that you need to. Let’s take a look.


Keep It Simple, Stupid

The biggest mistake you can make when pitching is trying to include too much. Whether you’re selling or looking for investors, whoever is listening to you has a limited amount of time. Make sure that you’re giving them the biggest return on the time investment that they’re making by getting to the point as quickly as possible. Put another way, whatever you’re pitching will seem more valuable if you’re able to explain it quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Embellish

As a businessperson, we’re willing to bet that you have a pretty good “bullshit detector.” You can bet that whoever’s listening to your pitch has been imbued with the same gift. While you obviously want to make whatever you’re pitching sound as great as possible, keep it within reason. Nothing will turn a potential buyer or investor off more than if it sounds like you’re an atavistic snake-oil salesman.

Try to Be a Storyteller

When you’re trying to sell someone on a product or a business, you want to paint the picture for them. You may think that a power point presentation full of facts and figures will be able to do this, but think back to your time in school. How boring was it when the teacher simply lectured at the class? Make it interesting. Explain the value of whatever it is that you’re pitching by telling a story about it. If you’re pitching your business, tell the story of how it came together. If you’re pitching a product or service, frame its value in terms of a story that has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Practice Makes Perfect

You know how to get to Carnegie Hall, right? It takes practice, practice, practice. Well, if you want to get to the Carnegie Hall of business, it’s going to take practice, too. As you’re hammering out your pitch, try presenting it to yourself in the mirror, looking for bad communication habits you might be presenting. Are you looking at your notes too much? Are you able to make eye contact? Are there lots of “ums” and “ahs”?


Give It Time

Unless you’ve been somehow gifted with the genes of a power salesperson, mastering the pitch is going to take some time. No doubt, you’ll make mistakes in the beginning and deliver some pitches that you’ll wish you hadn’t. But, these are learning experiences; remember to take note of the things you did wrong so that you can correct them next time!

Thursday, 23 April 2015 00:41
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A rapidly growing senior demographic means unparalleled opportunity to invest in this year’s best senior care franchises. Census data compiled by Home Instead Senior Care shows that an estimated 36.8 million people, or 12.4 percent of the U.S. population, are 65 and older, a figure expected to double by 2026.

Not long ago, it used to be the norm that the only option for the senior population who did not have family to care for them was to live in a nursing home. Then senior care franchises started cropping up to care for those who weren’t even necessarily ill, but needed help with basic living functions, enabling them to stay in their homes longer.

Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to remain in their homes and communities well into their senior years? Now you can own a franchise focused on making that possible.


Here is a list of the best senior care franchise opportunities in a fast-growing sector:

Nurse Next Door

Min Investment: $125,000
While other senior care franchises are task-oriented, caring for clients based on how well their needs match their services, Nurse Next Door’s focus is on caring, not just health care. From their 24/7 Care Services Center, which allows them to handle scheduling and in-bound sales for their franchise partners, to their operations, they’ve build a model to help franchise partners outgrow the competition quickly.

Caring Matters

Min Investment: $35,000
The Caring Matters franchise network has built its business serving customers with disabilities, seniors and people who are recovering from accidents or illness by providing kind, compassionate in-home care that surpasses client expectations. Most of the services provided by Caring Matters are paid for through government assistance programs, meaning caring for the individuals who need it most.

Brightstar Care

Min Investment: $100,000
BrightStar Care not only assigns a knowledgeable, compassionate nurse to oversee every case, but they require all locations to be Joint Commission accredited. With over 250 locations nationwide, BrightStar franchises help keep parents and grandparents in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes, as well as assisting moms and dads with their childcare needs.


Home Helpers

Min Investment: $44,900
Founded in 1997, Home Helpers has grown into one of the largest in-home care providers in the country, supporting clients and families in more than 600 communities across North America. Backed by their proven franchise system, Home Helpers has all the right tools to help you build wealth while increasing the value of your business and making a difference in the lives of families in your community.

Handy Pro

Min Investment: $50,000
HandyPro franchise owners provide highly customized home renovation services for people who are aging and can no longer live in their homes as they sit. As a franchisee, your role is not to do installations or handyman work, but to grow and manage your business. The management team at HandyPro is so confident in their business model, they guarantee that franchisees will reach predetermined gross sales numbers in their first year or the franchise fee is refunded.

Visiting Angels

Min Investment: $50,000
Visiting Angels has established more than 500 senior care franchise agencies across the U.S. and has serviced hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide since our inception in 1998. Visiting Angles provides franchisees with a comprehensive branding and marketing campaign that drives business to their locations. Their national branding and lead generation campaign includes advertising in print, online, on the radio and on national TV outlets.

Touching Hearts

Min Investment: $45,000
Touching Hearts is an experienced and innovative franchise system with a vision for the future that addresses all of the non-medical aspects of aging. Their CEO and founder has over 27 years of senior care and franchise experience. Touching Hearts services are provided in-home, at assisted living facilities, in nursing homes and at senior residences.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 09:01
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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur but are struggling with deciding what exactly you want to do, the key is to identify underserved markets. That’s exactly what one young entrepreneur from Manhattan did before launching her business venture – and just a year later, business is booming.

Kate Arian spent a significant amount of time in the hospital after a double lung transplant at age 22, which resulted from cystic fibrosis. During her lengthy stay, one of the things that bothered her most was never feeling like herself without her usual beauty and maintenance routines.

It was then that Arian decided she was going to do something about it. She launched a website that promoted a soon-to-come manicure business, called ManiCare, that would cater to people like herself. In the spring of 2014 when she looked in ManiCare’s inbox and saw more than 100 inquiries – including one from Lindsay Lohan’s personal assistant – she knew the time was right.

One year after launch, ManiCare, a Manhattan-based mobile nail service that caters to people who are hospitalized or homebound, has $30,000 in sales and generates close to $5,000 per month.

Not bad at all, considering her total expenses to date are just $8,000, which includes a $1,200 a year insurance policy and the hiring of a search engine optimization expert to help keep ManiCare high up in Google searches.

A manicure or pedicure from ManiCare not only helps a friend or loved one, but it gives back to the community as well. ManiCare donates 10% of all its profits to charity.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 05:11
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A few years ago, thoughts of a drone provoked images of the ones operated by militaries around the world, which stalk the skies and deal death to those unfortunate enough to be trained in the drones’ sights. While that’s a macabre image, the truth is that drones are much more diverse. In fact, businesses and corporations have been making use, or are thinking of making use, of drones for a wide variety of purposes.


Here are just a few ways you might be able leverage drones to your entrepreneurial advantage:

Delivery: Amazon made international headlines by unveiling its initiative to offer delivery of its products with the use of drones. It’s hard not to see this, or something like it, as the future of home delivery. As an entrepreneur looking for new and potential lucrative business opportunities, it would behoove you to do some research into the regulations and see if you can’t get something like this off the ground, if even on a small scale. You have, after all, heard of TacoCopter, right?

Photography: Why keep your photographs grounded, when you can take them to the skies? Drones have, of course, been used for a wide-variety of filming purposes, but there are still more yet to be embraced or discovered. Imagine what the use of drones, for example, could do for a wedding video? Or, how about a business that produces and develops corporate videos? If there’s one thing any business wants to be thought of it’s forward thinking, and producing video that’s shot with drone technology might be just the thing a business is looking for. If you’re already involved in the photography business, then why not explore this?

Drone Tours: You may remember how everyone laughed at Segways when they first started appearing. No one would be caught dead on one of those things, they said. Well, now there are Segway tours everywhere you turn, and the Segway’s inventor, Dean Kamen, is laughing at everyone else from his private island in the Long Island Sound. Consumers are already intrigued by drones and helicams – but also dissuaded by their cost – so there’s an opportunity for business in providing those people with the chance to pilot one of those drones for themselves. Alternatively, you could use a helicam or drone to film a moving tour of some remote location that people will be willing to pay a premium to see!


Reselling: With the marketplace crowded with different drones and helicams made by a wide variety of manufacturers, there’s naturally an opportunity for the inclined salesman to get into a drone reseller program. A quick search for the top drone and helicam manufacturers will connect you with an array of different reselling program opportunities, so why not take a look? It never hurts to be a salesperson that’s stumping for an emerging technology.

Internet Service: There’s a global push to get people all over the world connected to the Internet. However, that push is naturally confronting a huge problem with respect to infrastructure. Is it really feasible to lay all of the fiber-optic cable necessary to make that a reality? Well, that’s an old way of thinking, and some believe that drones might be the future of this endeavor. Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg, believes that drones might be the future of global Internet access. Now, isn’t that a business you’d like to get in on the ground floor of?

A Little More About Drone Reseller Programs

If you’re more a bread and butter entrepreneur, then a drone reseller program might be appropriate for you. Because there are so many companies manufacturing drones, you’ll find no shortage of options for such programs. A simple Internet search for “drone reseller” yields tons of leads. Picking the one that’s right for you will have a lot to do with where you’re located, and which of the many options seems to be offering the best product and room for growth. So, you’ll naturally want to make sure that you’re doing your homework.

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