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Successful Business Opportunities
Friday May 29

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Successful Business Opportunities

Tuesday, 26 May 2015 04:16
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While some franchises cost thousands – even millions – of dollars to start, not all do. These cheap franchises will earn you maximum profits with minimal costs.


Many Americans dream of being their own boss, but they want to dream big without spending big. Entering into a business venture, such as opening a franchise, requires a lot less capital than you think.


Concrete Technology Inc.

Min Investment: $9,500
Concrete Technology Inc. is one of the leading and popular cheap franchises specializing in concrete restoration and beautification, replacing worn-out patios and similar areas in homes and small businesses – for a cost significantly less than the industry standard. Concrete Technology provides its dealers with an outstanding combination of training, award-winning support and a successful business model commonly found in top-tier franchise systems.


Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System

Min Investment: $4,013
Since 1985, Coverall has helped more than 9,000 entrepreneurs become independent business owners through a proven franchise system. Coverall offers entry level, mid-level and executive-level franchise packages, depending on your investment and business plans. Coverall supports its Franchise Owners through comprehensive training, an initial customer base, billing and collection services, financing, a global network of 90 Support Centers, plus the unique benefits of the Health-Based Cleaning System Program.


Min Investment: $149
The social media market is exploding, and the best part is you don’t need any experience to make money in this fast-growing industry. Social Owl’s turn-key program gives anyone the ability to make it big with social media. For a minimal cost, SocialOwl provides everything you will need to run a successful local social media business.

My Business Venture

My Business Venture

Min Investment: $295
My Business Venture makes ownership of your own web store easy, pain free and affordable. As one of the leading cheap franchises, My Business Venture gives you the ability to start a business from the comfort of your home and we help our business owners increase their profits by facilitating credit card payments from their customers. They are specialists in logo design, search engine submission, social media management, custom video production, live chat, email and text marketing campaigns.

Real Estate Sales LLC

Real Estate Sales LLC

Min Investment: $10,000
Are you ready to begin your journey towards personal happiness and professional satisfaction? Real Estate Sales LLC has become one of the most trusted names in one-on-one personalized real estate investing education. Real Estate Sales LLC is staffed by a highly skilled team of real estate investors each with a minimum of 20 years investing experience that understands the dynamics of your local real estate market. Since its inception, Real Estate Sales LLC has possessed one important mission: To help its students and partners prosper.


America’s Tax Office 

Min Investment: $550
With nothing more than a small investment and a powerful desire to succeed, America’s Tax Office can bring you into the lucrative tax preparer business today. America’s Tax Office was founded on the principle of offering a cheap franchise opportunity to those who could not afford the overwhelming startup fees or outrageous revenue sharing of gross receipts. America’s Tax Office prioritizes the money-making capabilities of all its affiliates. The company strives to help its associates reach the stable platform of generating an annual income by working only during the tax season.


Sing Your Name

Min Investment: $2,850
Sing Your Name is a distributorship offering a wide range of hugely popular personalized children’s products, from personalized music CDs to one-of-a-kind interactive Kids Story Books. For simpler tastes, Sing Your Name also offers a full line of personalized paper products including personalized name poems and growth charts. If you’re looking for a cheap franchise, Sing Your Name offers multiple start-up packages designed to fit any budget.


Maid Simple House Cleaning

Min Investment: $9,995
Maid Simple House Cleaning offers extraordinary advantages not found in other franchises costing six figures or more. Maid Simple House Cleaning schedules service, handles your billing and gets you paid promptly. They will even travel to train you in person and offer ongoing marketing support. Unlike other home cleaning franchises, you are not required to spend money on a walk-in office, uniforms or branded vehicles.


Your Cannabis Biz

Min Investment: $2,995
Get in on the ground floor of this once in a lifetime cheap franchise opportunity to become a medical marijuana distributor. YourCannabisBiz is dedicated to providing safe and legal access to medical marijuana for patients throughout California, Colorado and Washington. Be the first in your area to secure your territory. Currently, YourCannabisBiz serves more than 60,000 clients and has a proven to be the industry leader over the past five years.



Min Investment: $30
IncomeShops offers an opportunity for anyone to own their own online shopping store filled with products from well-known retailers in a huge range of sectors from fashion, home improvement and electronics to sports, children’s, food, health & beauty, cell phones and many more. Nationally recognized brands and over 1,900 additional retailers want you to promote their products and they’ll pay you commission. IncomeShops can get you started in minutes in one of hundreds of niche sectors.



Min Investment: $3,500
With over 920 independently owned travel franchise locations, CruiseOne is the largest seller of cruise vacations in the nation. As one of the more cheap franchises, CruiseOne offers up to a 20% discount off the cruise franchise fee to U.S. Veterans, ethnic and racial minorities and women in business. Top that off with the flexible financing option, which not only make it a lot easier to become a franchise owner but makes it more affordable than ever.



Min Investment: $149
LoyalStamp is an easy-to-use system that creates custom mobile loyalty programs for businesses and connects them all with a local loyalty website. Easily create mobile punch cards, share for reward programs, loyalty web page and message business customers. If you’re looking to get started with a cheap franchise, LoyalStamp provides all the technology, support and training you will need for success, and only collects only a small monthly fee licensing.

World Discovery Club

World Discovery Club

Min Investment: $1,497
World Discovery Club is the easiest way to tap into the growing $8 trillion a year travel industry. World Discovery Club is a cheap franchise opportunity founded to fill an extreme need in the marketplace for a travel membership club that provides access to the most extensive inventory at rock bottom prices. World Discovery Club’s professional account executives will be happy to call and follow up with your customers to get sales closed for you so you can earn a real six-figure first-year potential.

Java Dave

Java Dave’s Coffee 

Min Investment: $500
With Java Dave’s Coffee as cheap franchising opportunity, you don’t have to pay a franchise fee, royalty or advertising fees. The licensing fee is $500 and is renewable every five years. Java Dave’s Coffee supports independent coffee houses and offers strong branding concepts with the Java Dave’s logo, cups, packaging and signage but still allow for a store’s individual identity. Included with your license is an interactive training CD that has a video to teach you how to make lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, breves, smoothies, Italian sodas and more.

Tag On That

Tag On That 

Min Investment: $2,500
Start your own low-cost enterprise helping businesses in your area promote their products and services with Tag On That’s innovative, affordable and exciting branding system. As an online distributor, you will obtain a website where the Tag On That packages will be promoted. Every time a sale is made in your site, you get paid. You can also obtain Tag On That packages at a discounted price to sell in your area. This program includes one package plus the distributor kit.


Get Moving Supplies, LLC

Min Investment: $80
Get Moving Supplies, LLC is a national moving boxes and supplies distribution company that ships moving boxes and supplies to companies and individuals all over the U.S. Customers just go to your website to place an order and Get Moving Supplies will ship the boxes straight to your customer’s home. As a cheap franchise opportunity, the Get Moving Supplies business platform allows you to generate revenue by profiting from moving box sales from your website as well as advertising from local businesses on your site.



Min Investment: $10,000
In business for over 32 years, iDeal Furniture is a national furniture organization that undercuts retail/big box stores and Internet sites. Retail Locations or Distribution Centers supply local brokers and can sell factory direct to the public at their own location if they so choose. A complete and detailed training program along with on-going support is included at all levels. A Retail Location or Distribution Center earns 100 percent of all wholesale profits and 100 percent of all factory direct to the consumer profits.


Mosquito Minus

Min Investment: $499
The Mosquito Minus unique mosquito treatment business is a great cheap franchise for anyone looking for a high-demand business that provides substantial profits, offering customers three types of service: yard barrier treatment programs, special event treatments and commercial applications. Mosquito Minus provides you complete training and support. Their program requires less capital investment than any mosquito franchise.


Floor Hero

Min Investment: $499
Floor Hero’s proprietary floor renewal processes for wood and concrete provides its customers with the most cost-effective method of maintaining all types of wood and concrete floors. Floor Hero’s coating processes give you a unique opportunity to capitalize on a booming business concept and reap astonishing profits. As a Floor Hero dealership licensee you get: comprehensive training in every aspect of your business, a dedicated support team to help you whenever you need it and proven marketing and sales techniques to grow your business.


Monkey Bars Storage

Min Investment: $5,000
Monkey Bars Storage has been in business for over 12 years and now has more than 120 dealerships throughout North America. The Monkey Bars garage storage system promotes efficiency by storing long-term items on a shelf, while hanging the items people need most often below on a rack. In addition to providing shelving systems and floor coatings, Monkey Bars Storage manufactures garage cabinets and overhead racks. Monkey Bars Storage has also added garage floor tiles and slat-wall to its product offering.

Monday, 25 May 2015 05:56
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If you’re a regular viewer of the show Shark Tank, you probably remember SkinnyShirt, a company that appeared on the January 9 episode. The mind behind the idea is Julie Kalimian. She added a collar to a tight-fitting shirt in order to create a piece that could be worn beneath a sweater while still keeping one’s appearance neat. Whether you’re a customer or not, it was a great idea that landed her a payday on the show. Here are five cool facts about the company.

Kalimian Is a Working Mom

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Kalimian also holds down another important job: mother. She has four young children at home. However, instead of looking at motherhood and the business world as two things that could never coexist, Kalimian actually found a way to make them work together.

Being a mother of four children means a lot of sleepless nights. Kalimian would use this time to focus on her idea. When she was waiting for her kids in the parking lot of their school, she was on the phone and using her computer to conduct business.

She Had Help from Friends

It also helped that Kalimian had some great friends. Coming from a corporate background, she missed some of the collaborative efforts she used to take part in. After enlisting the help of her sisters and girlfriends, her company got off the ground. To this day, she still asks this group of ladies for their opinions.

Bad Businesses Led Her to Shark Tank

At first, Kalimian tried working with manufacturers on her own. However, she was ripped off by more than a couple of them, resulting in lackluster products after taking as much as a 70% deposit. Finally, Kalimian knew she needed help to make SkinnyShirt a success, but wouldn’t risk any more shady business deals. It was then that she decided to audition for Shark Tank. As luck would have it, she was asked on the show!

Her Idea Really Works

To some, the idea behind SkinnyShirt may seem too simple to sell. Clearly, they’ve never dealt with the frustration of trying to wear a nice, collared shirt under a sweater without the former getting bunched up or the two disagreeing on where to land on the body.

Aside from resolving those issues, SkinnyShirt is also great for providing a more slender appearance. The fact that it’s made from 97% cotton means wearing a SkinnyShirt is also extremely comfortable.

Kalimian Wants to Take SkinnyShirt Bigger

While the shirt is definitely a success at the moment, Kalimian didn’t get to where she is by thinking small. Right now, her product is featured in a number of different retailers. However, she dreams of seeing them available in big box stores, too.

Her company was already featured on QVC in February, which means if she can keep this momentum up, her dream will probably soon be realized.

SkinnyShirt should be an inspiring story for every breed of entrepreneur. Kalimian didn’t let anything hold her back; she asked for help when she needed it; and she’s always looking for even greater successes.

Sunday, 24 May 2015 01:30
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Despite the fact that you feel like you can find a coffee shop on every corner,  our list of best coffee franchises are some of the fastest growing and most profitable franchises in America. Compared to other food and beverage franchises, they can be less difficult to start, and they can also be more easily scaled depending on the size of your investment.

As the market has gotten more competitive, more and more franchises are branching out of just coffee, serving teas, juices, baked goods, and even prepared meals. Finding the right franchise for you will depend on your preferences and experience, the amount of investment you have available, as well as the competition you’ll be facing in your local area. Listing Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts would be a little too obvious as they are some of the most ubiquitous chains in the country, here are a few others that might present great opportunities on our list of best coffee franchises.

1. Caribou Coffee

Though Caribou Coffee does not have as many locations as Starbucks, it is still incredibly large with great brand recognition for its specialty coffees and its less corporate atmosphere.

2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

CBTL continues to grow and spread across the country. Though it used to be most famous on the West Coast and internationally, it’s become a popular choice in major cities in New York, Minnesota, Texas, and Washington, D.C.

3. The Coffee Beanery

This Michigan-based coffee shop continues to bring good sales numbers to franchisees and offers a large menu of sandwiches and other meals in addition to its coffee, espresso, and teas.

4. Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Peet’s was originally founded in the San Francisco area in the late 1960s. Smaller than some of other big brands, it has maintained its edgy and counterculture vibe, making it a hit with urbanites and young professionals.

5. Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best is actually owned by Starbucks, but is marketed to more cost conscious consumers. With its affordably priced coffee and drinks, it has won over its own crowd across the U.S. it rounds out our top five of best coffee franchises.

6. Lavazza

Lavazza is by far the most popular coffee chain in Italy, but still only has a foothold in America. It’s getting new customers because of its focus on internationally sourced and sustainable coffee.

7. Gloria Jean

Founded in the U.S. and famous throughout the world, Gloria Jean’s Coffee is a great franchise with a large menu, quality coffee, and attractive merchandise.

8. Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. is one of the fastest growing coffee shop franchises in the country, and many are opening up new locations due to the low franchise fees and start-up costs. The coffee’s great too!

9. Au Bon Pain

This is a popular chain throughout the east coast and in many major cities. It’s as well known for its large selection of baked good as it is for its coffee.

10. Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s is one of the most beloved coffee shop franchises throughout Canada. Though it’s still making its name in America, it boasts a long history of successful expansion and growth

Friday, 22 May 2015 06:24
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Microsoft, one of the world’s biggest tech companies, has taken on a unique partner – eighth grader Shubhamm Banerjee from Santa Clara, Calif.

Together, they will build the next generation of his Braille printer on the Windows operating system, which would be quite an upgrade from prototype that he built in 2013 out of Legos. It would fulfill Banerjee’s dream… to make life better for the blind.

The 2.0 version of his prototype, a lighter weight and cheaper printer named Braigo, will be developed and brought to market using Windows and the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft’s tablet. Braigo 2.0 is considered the first low-cost, internet-of-things enabled, silent and lightweight Braille printer.

On the Microsoft Windows blog, Banerjee posted, “Our relationship with Microsoft will help Braigo achieve a seamless experience for a visually impaired person who wants to use a computer at home or at the office to print documents for offline reading.”

At age 12, Banerjee started his own company called Braigo Labs (a combination of Braille and Lego). The Santa Clara, Calif. teen is the youngest entrepreneur ever to get venture-capital funding when Intel Capital invested in Braigo Labs.

Friday, 22 May 2015 04:46
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Televenture.TV offers a ground floor licensing business opportunity to own your own home-based installation business that starts quickly with limited funds, expands easily and one that you will be proud to own.

Become a licensed installation specialist, which now encompasses integrating high-definition cable and satellite systems with plasma/LCD/LED TVs along with surround sound, DVD and a multitude of other audio-visual enhancements.

For entrepreneurs looking to establish a home-based business installing and servicing TV and audio entertainment systems, Televenture.TV provides training and initial setup. As an audio-visual setup specialist, your primary customers will be the general public, business (hotels, fitness clubs, sports bars, restaurants, etc.), property management groups and contractors.

Imagine your potential earnings at an average rate of $80/hour. Televenture.TV has startup packages to fit everyone. If you are passionate about audio/visual equipment and home electronics, give Televenture.TV a try!

For more information on this business opportunity, visit Televenture.TV.

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