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Strapless iPod Nano Watch
Friday Nov 27

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Strapless iPod Nano Watch

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This approach isn’t for the queasy. However, if you’re sick of being limited to straps for turning your iPod Nano into a watch, one man has created what he calls the iDermal, reports Time.

And, on first glance, the idea of iPod magically attached to your wrist as if it’s being held by magnets may sound sleek. Problem is, Hurban, the iDermal’s inventor, did have to insert four magnets into his arm to get the desired effect. So, no, that doesn’t sound that cool anymore. Unless you can endure what looks like no small amount of pain and a bit of blood, you won’t be “wearing” an iDermal.

Understandably quizzical, places like Gizmodo have pointed out the obvious: well, um, what happens when Apple releases a new iPod Nano that comes out in a different size? Hurban dismisses the idea. “To be honest, if they come up with a new one, and it’s bigger or smaller, I probably won’t change it,” he told Digital Trends.